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Home Away from Home

Friendship Home’s Home Away from Home overnight respite center provides short stays (1 night to 2 weeks) for adults with developmental disabilities (ages 18 and older). Our guests experience a sense of independence as they spend time with friends and negotiate activities and chores in a small group environment.  Their families are given an opportunity to attend to other priorities knowing that their loved ones are receiving great care and enjoying themselves at our Home Away from Home and in the community. If you would like to learn more about our program, please contact Michael Gaffey at (781)-659-8202. All guests must complete an in-take process with our staff before they can stay.

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Frequently asked questions about overnight respite

Who is eligible?  Adults age 18 or older who can safely participate.  Individuals who need assistance with personal care and activities of daily living are eligible if Friendship Home staff is able to learn the skills to safely care for them.

Who is NOT eligible?  Individuals whose behavior requires physical intervention or disrupts the peaceful stay of other guests.  Individuals who require skilled nursing are generally not eligible unless visiting nurse services are regularly available.

What is the cost?  Individuals from Southeastern Massachusetts and some other areas who are eligible for support from the Dept. of Developmental Services may participate free of charge if they do not receive Adult Family Care (AFC) benefits.  If they do receive AFC, they may participate at a cost of $100/night.

How do I sign up my loved one?  The intake process begins with a tour and meeting with a program staff member.  Once the intake paperwork is completed, a staff member will visit the prospective guest at his/her home to witness his/her routine and environment and understand the individual’s needs. One or more visits are then scheduled to help the individual become acclimated to the Home Away from Home environment.  The Program Director and family determine when the individual will have his/her first stay.

How often can my loved one stay? Depending on availability, guests may stay one weekend per month.  Occasionally it is possible to stay more often if an opening is available. Due to demand, one weekend per month is occasionally not possible.  Week-long stays are scheduled in advance, based on family need and program availability.

What if my loved one needs medications administered?  Medication-certified staff are available on each shift to administer medications.

What activities are planned for guests? Guests plan their activities together by negotiating outings, chores and activities based on common interests, special community offerings and supervision needs.  Generally the group goes out to dinner once and participates in one recreational activity on the weekend.  Guests also play sports and games and utilize the lower level activity center.


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