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Set Up Your Fundraising Page

Each walker can set up his/her own fundraising page, and team pages should be set up by a Team Captain who will register the team site and invite other team members to participate. The Captain will:

  • Set the fundraising goal for the team
  • Design the team page
  • Invite team members


  • Captains please click on the registration button and create a personal page first by entering your first and last name and Email.
  • Create a user ID and memorable password, and be sure to check the ‘radio’ box next to Create a Team.
  • Enter the preferred Team Name and submit completed registration through the Friendship Home form. Be sure to click the bottom in the lower right corner ‘COMPLETE REGISTRATION’
  • Remember your user name and password (or refer to your Email confirmation).
  • After you have registered as a Captain, you will no longer need to edit your personal page. Instead, please select the Team Page button in the right side bar.
  • In the middle box, you can select edit Team Page or Manage Members. Please edit your Team Page as you desire, possibly uploading a team image, or adding some inspiring ‘Call-To-Action’ text for your Team and/or Donors.
  • In the edit Team Page box, you can select Manage Members or Invite Members and copy the text in the box (use ctrl copy feature on your keyboard) and edit this text, leaving the link to the Team Page intact.